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Meet the Creator:

My name is DeLacey A. Yancey. I am a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science Education with a minor in History, and a Master of Arts in Arts & Cultural Management with a concentration in Museum Studies. Prior to  the inception of BlackMVPatents, I have done a wide-range of work in both regional/local schools and in the community, to bring awareness and cultural relevancy to a part of history that is otherwise unknown or unrecognized. In doing so, I have been invited to do workshops and seminars central to historical content and technological skill-sets simultaneously, such as creating digital pubic history, web development and media accurately and adequately. Included in my experiences, I have curated several exhibitions that involve social identity, expression, liberation and equality. I am also a Smithsonian Museum Affiliate through “The Will to Adorn Project.”

As an educator, it is vital to make information and materials relevant, engaging, and fun so that the learning process can be successful and authentic. In the growing age of technological advancement now occurring in our educational systems, I believe that BlackMVPatents: Art of Innovation can serve as a great resource for students, teachers, administrators, and people all over the world. Not only is this site filled with valuable information of African-American inventors who affect our everyday lives, but it also has games and activities that will help you learn more about their contributions. A Special Thanks to Michigan State University’s Professor David Bailey, MSU History Department Chair Walter Hawthorne, LEADR Lab Director Brandon Locke and the LEADR Lab Team, and Co-Creator Mary Robinson, without their help, this innovative website would not have been possible.


DeLacey A. Yancey

Creator, Web Developer, BlackMVPatents
Secondary Education
Arts & Cultural Management/ Museum Studies




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