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Innovation occurs oftentimes when necessity happens to approach mistake. More than not, some of the best creations and inventions came about by accident. Being that as it may, the world in many ways are connected by ideas, customs, cultures, and of course the millions of inventions that enhance and grace the earth daily. Necessity, in which innovation is partly ignited, serves as a catalyst for one to fulfill or satisfy means of survival, whether they are basic or urgent. Mistakes, the other component of innovation, is a learning process where one is subject to trial and error, which, in many cases, have resulted in discoveries or a new alternative of some sort. These two factors combined are the basis of innovation simply because innovation is designed to not only make livelihood more efficient, resourceful, and productive so that one is not limited, but it also provides a dimension for anything new that lies ahead. Lastly, aside from necessity and mistakes approaching each other, being creative with your passion fits the characteristics of an innovator. Inaccuracies occur even with things you are skilled and passionate about, but learning, and effectively utilizing those inaccuracies produce greater outcomes. Big or small, luck or loss, flair or flaw, the art of innovation is seeking new ways in making yourself and the world a better place.


In this website lies a collection of inventors that have changed the world and everyone in it. These black inventors even today, affect the lives of many, and some of them have gone unnoticed. Although every single black inventor or invention is not listed, the purpose of this website is to recognize and inform the public of some of the hidden greatness that is relative to our lives whether it may be directly or indirectly. This website consists of six pages:

  • Home Page: Slideshow Exhibit
  • Most Valuable Patents: Black Inventors & Their Inventions: List of inventions stating what it is, who invented it, and the patent date. Included in each photo is more patent information.
  • Most Valuable Pioneers: Jones, Woods & Carver: Specifically dedicated to Frederick M. Jones, Granville T. Woods, and George Washington Carver. Included are photos and links to their lives and accomplishments.
  • Activity Sheets: Black Inventors & Their Inventions: Printable activity sheets that have crossword puzzles and matching about Black Inventors/Inventions. Included is a preview of one of the documents.
  • BIGames Show What You Know!:  Jam-packed with fun and exciting games. Not only will you enjoy learning, you will have fun doing so. (also known as Black Inventor Games). “Learning Black Inventors” was designed by Justin Rowe and Brenden Fraiser of the Michigan State University Learning for the Education and Advancement in Digital Research (LEADR Lab).
  • Remembering David T. Bailey: Creator of BlackMVPatents commemorates professor and mentor.
  • BlackMVPatents Featured Article on AHA Perspectives Magazine: Creator of BlackMVPatents Featured on American Historical Association Perspectives Magazine
  • About This Site: BlackMVPatents
  • Contact Page: Meet the Creator

Disclaimer: The images and videos in this website are for informational and educational purposes.


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